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Diamond Cutters, Core Drills & Countersinks, 3/32" Shanks

Feature premium-grade, high-impact-strength industrial diamonds electroplated onto ten different shapes. This process provides a super-abrasive grinding and cutting system. Diamonds protrude from the bond so only the abrasive crystals are in contact with the workpiece which greatly reduces frictional heat and thermal distortion of the work surface. The use of a coolant, such as our Lubricant/Thinner, will maximize tool life. Maximum operating speed: 50,000rpm. All are 150 grit with 3/32" shanks.
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Diamond Mounted Points, 1/8" Shank

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Diamond Cutters, 3/32" Shank

Details Diamond particles are electroplated onto stainless steel for unsurpassed quality and durability. Medium diamond grit is excellent for stone carving, cleanup work, glass, ceramics and metals. Always use water or our Lubricant/Thinner when using diamond burs. Measure 1-3/4" overall length with 3/32" stainless steel shanks. Maximum operating speed: 30,000rpm.
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Metric Diamond Twist Drills

Details Our 3/32" shank twist drills with electroplated diamond particles are the ultimate for drilling stones, pearls, glass or ceramics. Use with any standard flex shaft handpiece and a small amount of water as lubricant. All drills are medium-fine grit. Sold individually in 6 sizes from 1.00mm to 2.10mm or in a set of all 6 sizes. All on 3/32" shanks.
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Diamond Core Drills, 3mm Shanks

Cut holes in stones, ceramics, and glass without chipping or cracking. Medium-fine diamond grit is electroplated onto stainless steel on 3mm shanks. Use water or light oil as lubricant. Available in 9 sizes from 1.5mm to 11.0mm. All have 3mm shanks.
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High-Speed Diamond Points, 1/16" Shank

Details These mini diamond points are for use in high-speed, air-driven turbo handpieces with a maximum operating speed of up to 80,000rpm. Excellent quality with diamond particles in fine or coarse grit electroplated onto surgical grade steel. Use of a coolant will maximize tool life, use water or our Lubricant/Thinner. Shanks measure 1/16" (1.6mm) in diameter with an average length of 3/4" (20mm).
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Diamond Twist Drills

Details High-speed steel twist drills are coated at the tip with a medium-fine diamond grit for drilling stones, ceramics, glass and other hard nonmetallic materials. Use water as a lubricant. Available individually or in a set of all 12 sizes.
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Diamond Wheels & Points, 3/32" Shank

Details A wide variety of shapes and sizes of diamond wheels convenient for cutting hard metals, ceramics, stones, etc. A single layer of diamond is electroplated onto the wheel, ensuring long life when used with only slight pressure. The diamonds are in an exposed position for fast cutting action. All are 140/170 grit with 3/32" shanks.
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Economy Diamond Point Sets, 3/32" or 1/8" Shanks

Details These economical and functional sets are a good value for the novice or hobbyist. Diamond points can be used on ceramic, glass, metal or stone. Each set includes 20 diamond-coated points in different shapes and sizes in a handy plastic organizer. Points measure 1-3/4" (44.5mm) overall length. Max operating speed: 30,000rpm. Your choice of 3/32" or 1/8" shanks.
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